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One of the leading known causes of cerebral palsy is pre-term birth. Babies born pre-term have immature nervous systems and are of a greater risk of hypoxia or anoxia of the brain. A pre-term birth is any birth occurring before 37 weeks gestation. Most pre-term births are mildly pre-term, in the range of 34-36 weeks gestation. Even so, such infants can sustain pre-term birth injury and complications from being pre-term but, in this day and age, almost all survive.

A cerebral palsy lawyer is a specialist personal injury advocate with expertise in medical malpractice compensation claims for cerebral palsy victims and their families. Most cases of cerebral palsy are not as a result of errors caused by healthcare professionals and it is a cerebral palsy lawyer’s job to distinguish between those cases that occur naturally and the 10% of cases that are the result of clinical negligence. Our cerebral palsy lawyers offer a wealth of experience and give free advice with no further obligation on liability and the potential value of a claim. Payment for services is based on a contingency fee basis which means that we get paid when you get paid. If the case is lost there is nothing whatsoever to pay. There are time limits in all personal injury compensation claims and failure to take legal action within the limitation period can mean that the opportunity to claim compensation is lost forever. If you have the slightest suspicion that your child’s condition has been caused by medical malpractice you should take legal advice from a cerebral palsy compensation claim lawyer as soon as your child’s diagnosis is confirmed by a doctor.

Infants who are pre-term spend many days and weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit or NICU. They face lifelong problems including, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, vision loss, hearing loss, breathing problems, feeding problems and other digestive problems. They are more prone to jaundice, long hospital stays and breathing disabilities that are long lasting. Babies who are pre-term are more likely to suffer from birth trauma, especially if they are born vaginally. Pressure on the infant’s head can cause cerebral hemorrhage, which can lead to death or cerebral palsy. Cerebral hemorrhage can occur in the absence of any trauma and can fill the brain’s ventricles with blood, leading to periventricular malacia, which is softening and death of the periventricular or motor cells of the brain.

Sometimes preterm birth happens spontaneously because a woman goes through pre-term labor. At other times, the doctor can decide to deliver the baby because of concerns for the health of the mother or the baby in utero. The doctors do a cesarean section to deliver the baby which minimizes preterm birth trauma but does not put the infant out of the woods when it comes to getting a cerebral hemorrhage.

Warning signs for pre-term labor include contractions that occur every ten minutes or more, leakage of fluid or blood from the vagina, feelings of pelvic pressure, having a low, dull backache, having menstrual-like cramps or having abdominal cramps that feel like diarrhea without true diarrhea.

Those who are at risk for having pre-term birth include a woman who has had a pre-term birth in the past. Some women are just more prone to pre-term births for all their pregnancies than others, especially if they have a weak cervix. If you are carrying multiples, such as twins or more, you can have pre-term birth because of pre-term labor due to stretching of the uterus. If the uterus or cervix is malformed, you can have pre-term birth. Those with high blood pressure, gestational or other forms of diabetes, clotting problems or certain infections in pregnancy are at higher risk of having a pre-term baby. Women who use illicit drugs, alcohol use or cigarette smoking can cause an increase in pre-term birth. Pre-term birth can occur in normal pregnancies without any risk factors.

It’s important to seek pregnancy care as soon as you know you are pregnant and to understand the symptoms of pre-term contractions and pre-term delivery so you don’t go through pre-term labor too long before getting help. You should quit smoking before you get pregnant or as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Infants who are pre-term suffer from abnormalities in the way the oxygen is distributed in the brain. They can have abnormalities that cause hypoxia in certain areas of the brain that lead to cerebral palsy. If the motor areas of the brain are affected, then cerebral palsy can show up months to years later. This can cause increased or decreased muscle tone, speech abnormalities and difficulty with activities of daily living.

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