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Although motor bike accidents are less common that most other motor vehicle collisions, the injury toll is unrepresentative and likely to be much greater than anticipated due to the fact that motorcycle riders are relatively unprotected and vulnerable to injury. Many more bike riders die in motorcycle accidents than in other classes or road accident due to speed and vulnerability. Whilst the use of a helmet while riding greatly reduces risk of serious head injury unfortunately it does not eliminate bodily injury. Most motorcycle accidents involve collisions between cars and motorcycles and whilst there are accidents involving two motor bikes or between a motorcycle and a fixed object they are much less common. If you need to speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer, just call the helpline

Motorcycle Accident Solicitors - Legal Representation

If you suffer injury in a motor bike accident you should seek the advice of a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. A motorcycle accident lawyer will initially preserve evidence by arranging photographs of the location and photographs of the damaged vehicles and will thereafter arrange for depositions from all witnesses. Instructing a motorcycle accident lawyer in these cases is essential as insurers will definitely take advantage of an unrepresented claimant. The offer that you receive if you do not have a lawyer on your side will be well below value because the primary duty of insurers is to their shareholders and not to an injured third party such as you. When you see an motorcycle accident lawyer, you need to know that you do not usually have to pay that lawyer until and unless compensation is paid over to you. If the claim is lost, you will not have to pay the lawyer anything at all.

Negligent Drivers

In most cases it is a car or a commercial vehicle that is at fault in a motor cycle accident, for failing to see the rider. Motor bikes are relatively difficult to see and most drivers aren’t looking for them however failure to see a motor bike involved in a collision is not a good excuse. The most common scenario for a motorcycle accident involves a car turning into the path of a motorcycle at a junction followed by a car pulling out from stationary position at the side of the road. Rear end shunts are relatively rare. Motor bike riders can also be found to be at fault and to blame for an accident. Reasons include excessive speed, failure to obey traffic signals or failure to yield or give way where require including failure to see another vehicle which has right of way.

Damages Awards

When a motorcycle rider is injured, damages paid by the negligent third party’s insurers will include a financial sum for pain and suffering. The amount awarded will depend on the extent of the injury, the recovery period and the degree of long term disability. The judge will estimate overall total damages payable based on psychological injury, physical injury, property damage, medical expenses, loss of income after the accident and in the future, other losses and all reasonable expenses.

Rider Error

Motorcycle accidents are common during the summer months however it is much less common to have a winter-related motor bike accident. Most people just aren’t out and about on their motor cycles in poor weather which suggests that the majority of riders are using their vehicles recreationally. This weekend rider phenomenon may account for some motor bike accidents due to the relative inexperience of a substantial percentage of riders. It should be noted that most motor bike accidents involve collisions with a car. Single vehicle accidents which account for about 25% of all motorcycle accidents usually occur due to rider error however mechanical failure and defective road surfaces may cause accidents for which legal action to claim damages may be possible. Only about 3 percent of all motor bike accidents occur because of mechanical failure. In such cases, there can be a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the motor bike or the facility involved in servicing and maintaining the motorcycle.

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