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Personal Injury Lawyers

Most people do not realize the importance of time limits when it comes to clinical negligence and how it can impact the patient's case. The limitation period is the time within which a compensation claim for personal injury must be either settled or proceedings must have been filed in a court of law failing which the opportunity to claim damages may be lost forever. There are exceptions to the general rule including time limits for minors and the mentally incapacitated and it is therefore of the utmost importance that legal advice is sought from an Ottawa medical malpractice lawyer at the first opportunity. Time limits are imposed because documentation can be misplaced, memories fade and witnesses may pass away.

Negligence Law

Medical malpractice occurs when the conduct of a healthcare provider which includes doctors, nurses, dentists, technicians and clinics as well as hospitals has fallen below an acceptable level which is determined by the standard of a reasonable competent healthcare provider. Once negligence has been established it is necessary for an Ottawa medical malpractice lawyer to show that the patient has suffered damage and loss directly due to the negligent act which may well be difficult given the ongoing and probably progressive nature of the underlying illness. These facts are established by evidence usually in the form of medical reports supplied by independent medical specialists.

Informed Consent

It is also possible for an Ottawa medical malpractice lawyer to take legal action if a patient is injured and the healthcare provider has failed to adequately inform the patient about the proposed treatment, its risks and side effects. This is known as the doctrine of informed consent and requires full disclosure by a healthcare provider in order that a patient can consent in the full knowledge of the potential outcome of the proposed treatment. The healthcare provider must also advise about any alternative treatments that may also be available. If there is no full informed consent then a healthcare provider will be liable to pay damages for medical negligence in the event of an adverse result even if that incident is a common risk factor.

Ottawa Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you believe that you have been a victim of a negligent clinical treatment you should not hesitate to contact an Ottawa medical malpractice lawyer for assistance. You will receive initial advice on the viability of your claim and the chances of success in addition to an early estimation of the value of the claim. Many lawyers operate using a contingency fee arrangement and will not get paid unless you get paid. If you feel that you are a victim of clinical negligence contact us for free advice without further obligation.

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