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A pedestrian involved in a collision with a motor vehicle can be completely without fault and a claim can be made against the driver of the vehicle, or the pedestrian can be completely to blame, making it impossible to make a claim against the driver of the vehicle. In the alternative both parties can be at fault to some degree meaning that either party can claim compensation against the other, the amount of which will be reduced by the percentage for which they were judged as being at fault. In real terms this means that a pedestrian who was partially to blame for a collision with a motor vehicle can claim compensation for personal injury and loss against the driver of that vehicle and receive a reduced damages award on the basis of the doctrine known as ‘contributory negligence’. If you have been involved in a collision with a motor vehicle as a pedestrian and have suffered personal injury, you should discuss your situation with a pedestrian accident lawyer, to establish whether or not you have a viable claim for a compensation settlement.

    Severe Injuries

    Pedestrian accidents often result in severe injury. There can be head injuries, bone fractures or spinal injuries. Some of these injuries can lead to paralysis, which might be permanent. Head trauma can result in permanent damage leading to speech impairment, cognitive damage, visual difficulties or emotional changes. An injured pedestrian may be a hospital inpatient for a long period of time, often undergoing months of physical therapy, occupational therapy or other treatment to restore that person to their normal or near normal state. Sometimes the recovery is complete but there may be residual effects that disable the person for life. If you need to speak to a pedestrian accident lawyer, just call the helpline

    Fatal Accidents

    Fatalities and serious injuries to pedestrians account for 20% of all motor vehicle accident settlements by value. There are far more motor vehicle accidents than there are pedestrian accidents however the risk of death or serious injury to a pedestrian involved in an accident is disproportionate to other road users due to the fact that pedestrians have no physical protection whatsoever. Pedestrians that survive the initial impact can be thrown great distances thereby resulting serious personal injury. Pedestrians can be crushed between two vehicles or can be thrown over the top of the motor vehicle. The spine and skull of a pedestrian are particularly at risk of permanent injury. Limb fractures are common but are not usually life threatening. Abdominal injuries are high risk due to potential internal bleeding of the spleen or liver.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer - Compensation

In pedestrian accident cases involving any degree of negligence by the driver of a motor vehicle, you may need to seek qualified legal advice from a pedestrian accident lawyer with a view to making a financial compensation claim. You should seek the advice of a qualified lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases with expertise in motor vehicle accident settlements. Our lawyers deal with injury compensation claim settlements using a contingent fee arrangement which means that if you don’t receive an award of damages you pay nothing at all. Our lawyers offer free advice with no further obligation and will tell you there and then whether or not we believe that you have a viable claim and the anticipated potential financial settlement.

An injured pedestrian has the right to bring a lawsuit against a negligent driver in order to obtain a financial settlement for pain and suffering, cost of medical care, emotional damage, future disability, future reduction of income and any other reasonable losses. The pedestrian accident lawyer’s job is to quantify the claim and come up with a monetary figure indicating how much the pedestrians claim is worth. When you bring a claim against the defendant, you do not have to pay any money to your lawyer unless your lawyer wins a claim against the defendant. The lawyer has the incentive to maximize the value of the claim because the lawyer receives a percentage of the final award. The funds you receive as compensation may come all at once as a lump sum or may be paid on a monthly basis dependent on the terms of the award made by the court. If you lose the personal injury lawsuit, you receive no money in compensation and the lawyer does not get paid.

Negligent Driver

If you instruct a pedestrian accident lawyer to sue for personal injury, you will most likely win the case and you will be awarded compensation even if you were partly to blame. The most common situations involved in pedestrian accidents include the driver of a motor vehicle failing to see a pedestrian crossing the road in front of them or colliding with a pedestrian in the dark or colliding with a pedestrian who was walking on the side of the road or mounting the pedestrian area. In most of these cases, the pedestrian is not usually at fault and the driver of the vehicle will be found to be negligent and liable to pay compensation for personal injury and loss. In the absence of an admission it is up to a judge to make the decision as to who is at fault in a motor vehicle accident. In the vast majority of cases it is the driver of the motor vehicle who to blame. If you are a potential claimant you should discuss your situation with a personal injury lawyer to establish whether or not you have a potential claim for a compensation settlement. There are time limits and you should take legal advice as soon as possible after the accident.

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