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Canada in common with most of the developed world has a horrendous record of medical malpractice. The annual death and injury figures are startling, with over 25,000 fatalities and approximately 100,000 serious injuries resulting from clinical negligence by doctors, dentists, nurses and technicians. Whist most patients are satisfied with their treatment there are also many occasions where errors by healthcare practitioners cause personal injury. Our specialist medical malpractice lawyers deal with compensation claims against Vancouver Hospital in British Colombia where things do occasionally go wrong. We offer free advice with no obligation. To speak with a medical malpractice lawyer just call the helpline or complete and send the contact form or email our offices. You will be given advice on whether or not we believe Vancouver Hospital is liable in negligence to pay damages and the estimated amount of the potential compensation.

Negligence & Care Standards

All healthcare professionals are expected to achieve a ‘reasonable’ standard of care whilst treating patients. This requirement is not codified in law nor is there any statute defining what is reasonable. Whether a doctor, dentist, nurse or technician is negligent is determined by comparing the questionable behavior with other reasonably competent healthcare professionals dealing with similar patients in a similar location. There are several common defences to clinical negligence compensation claims which include accepted practice, respected minority and error of judgement.

Compensation & Damages Awards

Damages awarded by a judge in a Vancouver Hospital medical malpractice compensation claim may include the following items :-

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of past and future earnings
  • medicines and medical fees
  • travelling expenses
  • assistance for household chores
  • special care aids and equipment
  • adapted accommodation and transport
  • care and assistance
  • general expenses


All legal action resulting from personal injury is subject to time limits. Failure to observe these requirements in a medical malpractice claim often means that the opportunity to receive compensation is lost forever. If you are injured as a result of clinical negligence by a doctor, dentist, nurse or technician you should obtain legal advice on damages from a qualified lawyer as soon as possible in order to preserve your right to receive compensation. Do not delay – time limits do apply.

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